What We’re Up To In 2013!

We feel lucky! We launched ADDO Real Estate in a turn around year for the Seattle real estate market, which means we hit the ground running. Our website was barely launched when we listed and sold a beautiful Maple Leaf Tudor, co-listed a green remodel in Leschi targeting LEED Silver certification, and then worked straight through the holidays listing a townhome in Ballard and helping the sellers find a new home just around the corner.

For us being busy is the absolute best way to market ourselves and our new company. Our signs, our business cards and our marketing materials are out there getting noticed by our peers and potential clients alike, while we’re focusing on what matters – making our clients happy!

You will see a slight shift in how we present ourselves this time around though. In the past we’ve thrown everything into branding our company name (a natural inclination when you’re personally invested in it), but we actually believe it’s an agent’s name and reputation that attracts new clients, and we think it’s time people find out who Cally & Danielle are! This may sound self-indulgent to some, but if you think about your best real estate experience, we think you’ll agree it’s the agent (not the company) that you now refer to family and friends.

It's already here!


We of course have a vision for ADDO Real Estate, which is that it always be a sound and sustainable platform from which to do our work. Low operating expenses, online and digital operations, simple yet effective marketing tools & techniques, a strong connection to local business groups making a difference, and a champion of sustainable community development. This is ADDO! We also know it needs to be highly adaptable, because the face of real estate (and our economy, our planet!) is rapidly changing.

The world didn’t end in 2012, a new era began! Green and healthy homes are as important to us as ever, but we believe we have to think beyond even those concepts now, and figure out how to incorporate resiliency into how we live. Eco-neighborhoods, urban farming, tool libraries, bike & car sharing,, community solar and similar ‘sharing economy’ concepts are happening now and here to stay. Will this affect what people look for in a home? We hope so! And, we are excited to be a part of that change.

So, that’s a little bit about what we’re up to this year. We are here living, learning and always moving forward, and we look forward to crossing paths with you soon!

Cally & Danielle