Food For Thought 2014

Happy New Year!

To start 2015 we thought it would be fun to pass along a handful of articles that caught our attention in 2014. This is not a list of the year’s top headlines or critical issues, but simply interesting food for thought to mull over as we start the new year. Enjoy!

What do you get if you map coming climate disasters? Hello Pacific Northwest! – LA Times Op-Ed
“The Northwest may well become a climate refuge during the upcoming century.”
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Walking: The secret ingredient for health, wealth and more exciting neighborhoods. – Yes!
“Even the American dream is being remodeled to meet the public’s growing enthusiasm for walking.”

11 Tiny House Villages Redefining Home – Sharable
“But as the tiny house movement grows, so too does the desire to live a simple life in community.”
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If America cared about the planet as much as the NFL, this is what it would look like. – Grist
“What if people showed the same zeal toward environmentalism as they did sports?”

Most people say they could get rid of tons of stuff and still be happy. – Time
“For many consumers, it makes more sense to “share” (usually for a fee, of course) rather than buy…”
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Climate change: The hottest thing in Science Fiction – Grist
“Post-apocalyptic sci-fi isn’t new. But you may have noticed an uptick in books set in the wake of some kind of major climate disaster.”
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No we’re not “environmentalists”. It’s more complicated then that. – Grist
“So go ahead, call us “environmentalists.” If we don’t answer, it’s because we’re too busy trying to make things better.”