Cascade Built & Backyard Box

Cascade Built builds new custom homes, multi-family buildings and backyard cottages that emphasize their vision for contemporary urban design using sustainable building practices and a smaller environmental footprint. Check out their new line of Backyard Boxes.

Heartwood Builders

Heartwood Builders builds remodels and custom homes with a focus on sustainability and healthy living environments. They have extensive experience in commercial and residential projects. Owner Scott Engler worked side by side with Cally & JR Fulton in building their Capitol Hill Home.

Harrison Architects

Architect Rob Harrison’s work is based in “lyrical sustainable design”: conserving energy and resources, using healthier materials and finishes, reducing long-term costs, and making poetic places.

Greenhome Solutions

Greenhome Solutions is a family owned and operated green building product supplier here in Seattle. With over 20 years in the construction industry, they pride themselves not only on product knowledge, but also on installation techniques and knowing which products are right for your project.