Teresa Hess

Teresa Hess

Broker | Whidbey Island Local

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Teresa first came to Whidbey Island in 2000 as a college student looking for adventure. A native to the Midwest, she still remembers the thrill of taking her first ferry ride out to the island and experiencing the jaw-dropping beauty of the Puget Sound. Something about the place, the people, and the magnificent island views made a huge impact on her.

After travels near and far, Whidbey always held a special place in her heart. She returned again and again, spending weeks or months throughout the years living on the island in a yurt, a cottage on an herb farm, camping out at the local Zen monastery, and living as a caregiver in a hospice home.

She returned to the island to root down and raise her family in 2010 and finds herself beyond grateful to call Whidbey her home.

She now lives with her husband and three beautiful daughters in Fifth Street Commons, a vibrant multiplex community in the heart of Langley.

Teresa is delighted to be a part of ADDO Real Estate and to be of service helping people make the best possible decisions about something central to us all, the place we call home.