Many people here in Seattle and around the world are working to weave together the disjointed components of their lives by creating sustainable, healthy, more people-friendly places to live, work, play and grow, together.

Our team is passionate about promoting community living because we ourselves have experienced it first-hand!

Dubbed ‘subdivisions with a soul’ we know communities, ecovillages and cohousing developments are as diverse in their structure and goals as are the people who found them, which is why we have made it a priority to learn all we can about communities located in and around Seattle.

The opportunity to explore community living is an alternative we are happy to offer interested clients, and our knowledge of local communities helps us get that process started.

We’ve assisted Horton & York Cooperative, Duwamish Cohousing, and Clearwater Commons in marketing and selling available units, and welcome the opportunity to work with other established and forming communities in and around the Puget Sound. What we offer is flexibility and creativity, as well as an understanding of how to customize our services to meet your unique needs. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Directing interested parties to homes for sale in your community
  • Listing your homes for sale on our website
  • Providing full or limited-service listing of your homes for sale on the NWMLS
  • Assisting in contract work, negotiations and closing
  • Assisting in creating and implementing a marketing and outreach plan
  • Providing opportunities for direct public outreach about your community
  • Including your community tours and events in our own public outreach

Let’s start a conversation today!