Whether you are looking for a place to call home or a property to invest in, our team has the experience, insight and resources to help you make the right choice.

Why would you choose to work with us?

  • We are dedicated to providing exceptional real estate services
  • We will be your exclusive advocates throughout the entire process
  • We are part of a larger community of professionals here to help you
  • We will be a valuable, long-term resource for you
  • We are a locally owned & operated company, and know the market well

What to look for in a home (besides price & location!)

Quality construction, workmanship and building materials, not only affect a home’s durability over time, but the ongoing maintenance that will be required.

Comfort through careful consideration of the home’s orientation on the site, structural and envelope integrity, heating & cooling systems, as well as the flow and usability of the floor plan.

Savings associated with operating the home, which directly affect your monthly bottom line, and is determined by the HVAC system, appliances, lighting, windows, insulation and other features that are either resource efficient or not.

Health and indoor air quality issues affected by the paints, finishes & building materials used, the ventilation system or lack thereof, as well as any moisture & mold problems.

Where to start!

We recommend sitting down with a lender to determine the monthly payment and price range that works best for you. They’ll also provide you with a pre-approval letter, which is an essential part of making an offer on any home.

See our Industry Pros page for local Seattle lenders we know and trust!